Environmental Initiatives

MCX is conscious and sensitive to the environmental issues, and to make our business environment friendly, we are governed by an Environmental Policy. Efforts have been taken to reduce energy usage, wastage and adopting safe recycling mechanisms. We have been persistently spreading awareness on environment conservation practices through posters and mailers.

Given the nature of operations at MCX, the key sources of environmental impacts include energy and water consumption, waste generated and employee travel. As an ISO 14001:2004 certified organisation, MCX conducts an annual “Environment Review” to assess the impact of its activities on the environment, and is committed towards minimising it through efficient use of natural resources, including electricity, which is the key touch point of the Exchange’s technology-driven business. The MCX Environment Management Plan is developed and monitored on this basis. As a result of its environment initiatives, the company has been able to reduce energy and water consumption, as well as indirect GHG emissions.

Key factors in this achievement include its state-of-the-art facilities for energy conservation in the office building, green data centre, efficiency in business operations and enhanced employee awareness. There is regular internal communication about energy, electricity and water conservation. Majority of the hazardous waste disposed from its premises is e-waste, which is responsibly disposed through authorised recycling partners, Eco-Reco and Attero. The e-waste disposal is in turn minimised through best practices in maintenance and re-use.

MCX also maintains a Green Exchange website as a platform to share green tips, news as part of its commitment to contribute towards a sustainable economy.

Read more on Environmental Responsibility at our Sustainability microsite

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