MCX COMDEX India’s maiden real-time Composite Commodity Index based on commodity futures prices of an exchange. Group Indices for MCX AGRI, MCX METAL & MCX ENERGY on commodity futures prices have also been developed to represent different commodity segments as traded on the Exchange.

The constituents of the Index are liquid commodities traded on the Exchange. The weights to the constituents within sub-indexes are assigned giving equal importance to their physical market size and their liquidity on the Exchange. The rebalancing is done annually or as and when deemed necessary by the Index management team.

The MCX COMDEX is the simple weighted average of the three group indices – MCX AGRI, MCX METAL & MCX ENERGY. The group indices are computed based on Geometric Mean.

The present composition of commodities and their weights in the MCX-COMDEX are as follows:

MCX COMDEX Weights w.e.f. September 2​1, 201​7
MCX COMDEX Commodity Weight (New) Group Adjusted Wts.
MCX METAL INDEX Gold 1​5.17% 40.0%
Silver ​3.​98%
Copper 7.​48%
Aluminium 2.​57%
Nickel 4.91%
Zinc ​3.​74%
Lead 2.​15%
MCX ENERGY INDEX Crude Oil 3​3.​83% 40.0%
Natural Gas ​6.​17%
MCX AGRI INDEX Cardamom 2.​00% 20.0%
Mentha Oil ​2.​29%
Crude Palm Oil 6.​65%
Cotton ​9.​06%