The Exchange provides information relating to commodity instruments traded on the Exchange, together with the spot prices of such commodity instruments, and other information relating to the commodities traded on the Exchange, collectively known as the "Datafeed".

Categories of Datafeed
Real-time data feed: MCX provides streaming data through a Data feed server connected with the Exchange trading server. This feed includes all the commodities contracts traded on the Exchange together with the spot prices and all Indices. Real-time Data feed is provided in two Levels (1 and 2). Level 1 consists of only touchline information and Level 2 consist of Level 1 data and market depth data that is up to 5 best bid and ask prices. Real-time Data feed is provided over the Internet or through a dedicated 2 mbps leased circuit.

Delayed datafeed: This feed is provided with delay of 2 minute or 5 minutes from the Data feed server of the Exchange. The feed includes all the commodity contracts traded on the Exchange together with the spot prices and all Indices.

End-of-day (Bhavcopy): This file is generated at the end of each trading day and contains the end of day Bhavcopy information including the day's contract wise Open, High, Low and Closing prices along with volumes etc.

Historical Datafeed: Exchange provides Historical tick-by-tick data for selected commodities/contracts. Historical data is provided on request, but not for periods of less than one year. The subscriber is required to sign an undertaking as per the Exchange Policy and pay for the data as per prevailing charges.

Who Can Subscribe to Datafeed
Vendor/Distributor:Vendor or Data Distributor are allowed to receive Data feeds from the Exchange for the purposes of using, processing and disseminating information through their services for reception by their Redistributors and/or Clients.

Redistributors: Redistributors are entities to whom the authorized Vendors of the Exchange provides Data feed information as per the terms of the Redistributors Data feed Agreement of the Exchange. Redistributor may further disseminate Data feed information to their clients only and are not allowed to further redistribute.

Media (Television): Television channels can subscribe to Data feed directly from the Exchange or through authorized Data feed vendors of the Exchange. They need to sign the TV Channel agreement of the Exchange on subscription of Data feed. Resale of data by television channels, in any form whatsoever is not permitted.

Member: Trading Members of the Exchange are allowed to subscribe to Data feeds for further dissemination on their website only. Member can subscribe to Data feed from authorized vendors or from the Exchange directly. Where Members are subscribing Data feeds from Exchange then they are required to enter into an Agreement with the Exchange.

Websites: Organisation interested in displaying MCX data on their own website can subscriber to Real-time or Delayed Data feed. However, only delayed data is allowed for public internet display.

Technology Trust Factors

ISO 27001:2013

Information security Management Standard

Technology Trust Factors

ISO 9001:2008

Quality Management System

Technology Trust Factors

ISO 14001:2004

Environmental Management system

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