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We offer a robust and regulated exchange for you to mitigate risks through investments and trade in commodities with ease.

Four types of memberships to choose from:

MCX Certified Commodity Professional (MCCP)

Get acquainted with the commodity derivatives market. The programme focuses on the modalities of trading in commodity markets, its operations and practices, clearing, settlement and delivery procedures, and its regulatory and legal framework. A specially prepared study material is provided to all candidates who register for the test.

What is Hedging ?

A technique of neutralising risk by taking a position in the derivatives market that is opposite to one’s position in the cash market, thereby reducing or limiting the effect of risk associated with unpredictable changes in price.Read on..

The identification, assessment and monetisation of risks followed by taking necessary action using financial tools to mitigate them.Read on..

Compliance Calendar is a consolidated checklist which helps members to comply with various requirements of compliance and submissions.Read on..

Eligible entities to follow a process to get empanelled themselves as Warehouse Service Provider and cater to the storage requirements of various market participants.Read on..

Risk Disclosure Document/Rights & Obligation/ Do’s and Don’ts documents in 15 Vernacular languages to facilitate investors.Read on..

MCX Price update through SMS service of all the commodities.Read on..

Frequently Asked Questions on IG & Arbitration, Education & Training, Membership, Market Operations and Technology & Services.Read on..